Jon Joles



Jonathan Joles is chief technology officer for Zimco, Inc and K-12 Evaluation Solutions, a division of Zimco, Inc. He joined Zimco in 2002 and has been instrumental in the design, implementation, development and maintenance of network systems for most of our clients.

Jon’s experience with project management and expertise with technology has contributed greatly in designing network security systems, reliable backup solutions, and total redesign ofmany school networks. His vast knowledge of data base programming has allowed him to integrate database applications into web design. Some of these applications include: Help-desk programs; customer database information; storage and retrieval; web-based network monitoring applications; and educational based discipline recording.

He manages our programming enhancements and staff to ensure our clients receive a top quality technology solution that meets their needs.

Jon is active in aiding the community with technology assistance. In 2006, he worked with coaches and staff at Frankenmuth School District to design and develop a way to broadcast basketball games over the internet. This piece of broadcasting software was ultimately called Z-Cast ( The Basketball version was so popular that later on Jon also created a Football and Baseball version.