Zimco, Inc. – Technology Solutions

Zimco, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a technology consulting firm specializing in the needs of the educational community. We offer a unique combination of industry experience, technology leadership and strong partnerships to provide K-12 organizations a full array of Information Technology (IT) services in one place.

Our friendly team of professionals will provide guidance and recommendations to meet your expanding technology needs. By choosing Zimco, we can impact the following:

  • Reduce your technology and support costs
  • Manage critical network upgrades, redesigns or data center moves
  • Assist your part-time or full time staff needs
  • Stabilize and streamline your network

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“It is the mission of Zimco to be your trusted full service information technology consultant and automated staff evaluation software provider. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service that is always personalized, professional, honest, helpful and courteous.”


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